Wednesday 16 December 2015

Christmas Opening Times

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Friday 13 November 2015

Hanging Display Ceiling Buttons and Clips

Our Hanging Display products are essential for hanging double ended hooks which allow retailers to highlight individual promotions and direct customers to the correct aisle or area in stores.

The two best-selling accessories are Clear Ceiling Buttons and Clear Ceiling Clips.

POS Tapes Clear Ceiling Button.

These are ideal for sticking directly to the suspended ceiling tee bars and are even used to stick to furniture. They come with a finger tab release liner allowing ease of application in store

POS Tapes Clear Ceiling Clips.

Our Ceiling Clips have been the industries favourite for over 10 years, If you are in marketing or visual merchandising, chances are you have used these in the past. The ceiling clips are easy to remove as they have no adhesive, They simply slide onto the suspended ceiling tee bars. These are a must have for all retail stores.

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Monday 26 October 2015

High Tack / Low Tack Tape

Here at POS Tapes we produce our High Tack / Low Tack double sided Polyester Tape. We manufacture this on 1040mm wide logs meaning this can be cut to any required width, the most popular being 12mm, 15mm, 25mm and 30mm.

Also known as Perm / Peel, or product code 3220, this tape is fast becoming one of the most popular double sided tapes in our range with the point of sale and poster mounting industries.

Due to the low tack adhesive on one side the 3220 product is ideal for application where temporary use is required, allowing for the  removal of tape leaving zero residue on the applied surface. The high tack adhesive will ensure your item stays in place for the duration of your promotion or display. Our Perm / Peel tape is clear showing no sign of adhesion for all displays.

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Monday 21 September 2015

POS Wobblers

On Free Standing Display Units, or FSDU's, we are getting asked more and more for Shelf Wobblers to give that extra jumping out effect to grab the customers attention.

We find more often they are also half way down to encourage children to interact therefore getting more attention from the paying parents.

 ( Above image shows POS Wobbler 14027 with foam adhesive)

POS Tapes have a range of Wobblers with an option of foam adhesive or tape, these are available in many different sizes to give the desired effect.

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Thursday 10 September 2015

Nitto 500

POS Tapes' Nitto 500 Tape is specifically designed to reach the Signs, Print and Display industries as well as general Point of Sales as this is an ideal tape to bond: Glossy card or board, Nameplates, Metal sheets, Plastic plates and many more.

Nitto 500 is engineered to consists of a flexible non-woven tissue carrier impregnated with High Tack modified acrylic adhesive. The Nitto 500 is hand tear-able for easy use and can withstand temperatures up to 120°C, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

POS Tapes specify this tape for any demanding POS displays made from laminated or glossy card and board to ensure there won’t be any failures in store, which can affect our larger clients reputations.

For more information or samples of our Nitto 500 please contact our dedicated sales team on 0191 2697810 or

Thursday 27 August 2015

Poster Pads

Our range of Double Sided Poster Pad’s allow for an effortless application onto your product and also provide the ability to be applied to a number of surface.

Our Poster Pads will provide an excellent cosmetic look and will erase the need for any “Hammer & Nails” We offer a wide range of pads to suit your application, from removable and reusable to high performance permanent pads.

Poster Pad Range 

Removable Clear Pads – Green Liner
 They leave no adhesive residue and are ideal for lightweight signs, posters, point of sale displays. Great for any temporary application where clean removal is very important.

Permanent Clear Pads – Clear Liner
Our Clear permanent pads are perfect for applications when you require an instant, long term bond, indoor and outdoor.

Perm/Peel Foam Pads – White Foam
This unique product features a removable adhesive on the closed side and a permanent one on the open side. Ideal for when clean peel is required on a specific surface.

FoamLink Double Sided Foam Pad Sheet – White or Black
Our High Grade, Double Sided foam Poster Pads provide a permanent bond with its Modified Acrylic Adhesive System, ideal for a wide range of surfaces from Foamex to glass and for indoor and outdoor use.

For more information or samples of our Poster Pads please contact our dedicated sales team on 0191 2697810 or

Friday 21 August 2015

Scrim Tape

Our Scrim Tape reference 150HS is a high quality, highly versatile double sided,
Scrim Re-enforced Transfer Adhesive.

The Scrim re-enforcement adds dimensional stability to this highly aggressive adhesive, without losing any of the products conform-ability. It is therefore an ideal solution for lamination, fixing and mounting of structures, rough or textured surfaced substrates, where dimensional stability is required to eliminate stretching during final application.

This product is highly resistant to environmental elements and therefore can be used outside without the adhesive, hardening, degrading or yellowing. This is even after prolonged exposure to UV in situ. As with all our adhesives the Scrim Tape is solvent free and produced without migratory chemicals, ensuring that the mass is free of acids and out gassing chemicals.
(compatibility with delicate surfaces should always be tested by the customer prior to use).

Product Specification.
Liner: PE coated Kraft Paper
Liner Colour: White
Adhesive: Modified Acrylate
Scrim PET
Colour: Translucent White.
Product Data
Adhesion According to AFERA 4001 (* denotes cohesive failure)
Steel: 36N/25 mm*
Aluminium: 35N/25 mm*
Glass: 35N/25 mm*
PVC: 35N/25 mm*
PP: 33N/25 mm*
PMMA: 36N/25 mm*

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Thursday 2 July 2015

FSDU Application Products

POS Tapes manufacture the top 5 products needed for all FSDU's and Dump Bins.

  • Wobbler Arms – Are used to bring attention to your product, they are available in a range of shapes and sizes to make your product stand out.

  • Merchandising Prongs – Available in doubles or singles in a wide range of lengths, for pricing or samples please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Corrugated Shelf Clips – Available in White or Black from stock, We also offer a large corr-a-clips to support much heavier products.

  • Clear Ticket Holders – Available in a range of sizes and can be cut to length for orders. Our clear ticket holders have a strong self-adhesive tape backing to ensure easy fixing to the FSDU.

To discuss any of our products or for samples please contact our expert Point of Sale team on 0191 2697810 or

Thursday 11 June 2015


POS Tapes are launching a new double sided tape specifically designed for the print and display markets.

Our new product, reference 7003, is the strongest double sided tape available for these markets.

Our 7003 has a modified acrylic adhesive system with a special paper carrier. It is UV stable and weather resistant there for suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This tape will not discolour or dry out during the application process.

This is ideal for customers who prefer, or have the need to hand tear their tape. This is also time efficient when battling tight deadlines.

The 7003 double sided adhesive tape is the perfect solution for sticking cardboard to cardboard, laminated or UV varnished boards, giving you 100% confidence in your product.

Tremendous for FSDU Construction!

For further information please contact on 0191 2697810 or email

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Custom Link 3493

Custom Link 3493

POS Tapes has launched an innovative Signs and Display Tape called the Custom Link 3493 double sided tape. This is designed for demanding outdoor applications where an instant bond is essential. This innovative product utilises a solvent free, pure acrylic, adhesive system that provides excellent quick stick properties. The Custom Link 3493 also provides an excellent bond strength that ensures the signs mounts securely, and permanently, to; glass, metal, powder coated surfaces and more.

Our Custom link 3493 is our best double sided high performance sign tape available. This offers all of our sign makers the peace of mind for all applications.

“Static Shear”, “Dynamic Shear”, “180deg Peel” or “Dynamic z-tensile”.

Not sure what this means, please see our diagram below....

Contact our dedicated sales team on 0191 2697810 or to start using the Custom Link 3493 on your signs.

Thursday 14 May 2015

Coming Soon, POS Tapes NEW Hang Tab & Wobbler Sample Pack “edition 4”

POS Tapes offer an extensive range of Hang Tabs & Shelf Wobblers, every product we offer is manufacturer by us. Over the last 15 years we have developed and expanded our range and now offer one of the UK & Europe’s largest range of Hang Tabs & Shelf Wobblers.

Our NEW Hang Tab & Wobbler Sample Pack “Edition 4” will provide you with a sample of each Hang Tab & Wobbler for your evaluation, along with a detailed A5 product brochure.

For further information on our Hang Tab & Wobbler range or be put on the waiting list for the “Edition 4” sample pack, please contact 0191 2697810 or email

Tuesday 10 March 2015

NEW Colours Available on our Corrugated Shelf Clips

New colours are now available on our Corrugated Shelf Clips

Recent improvement on our Inject Moulding Line within production at POS Tapes allows us to make and hold large stocks of Corrugated Shelf Clips.
This is due to high demand from our clients and steady growth within the company.

White, Black and Clear Corrugated Shelf Clips are immediately available and ready to use.

Due to this improvement we are also able to pantone match required colours and have Corrugated Shelf Clips custom made.
With being made in house this also allows for a low MOQ and quick lead time!

For a quotation on existing stock of White, Black or Clear, or for a custom made quotation please contact our dedicated sales team on 0191 2697810 or email

Thursday 12 February 2015

Benefits of Buy One Get One Free

Roaming through shops its seems to be the Buy 2 for £X has replaced the Buy One Get One Free offers, even the buy 3 and get the 4th half price is becoming ever more popular. Retailers and supermarkets seem to always have some sort of offer on the go allowing consumers to disregard their brand loyalty for those that are on offer. More often waiting  for when their brand is on offer and bulk buying.

One complication from replacing the Buy One Get One Free is allowing the consumers the time to work out if this is an affordable matter, will they need to replace something in their trolley or basket? Sometimes to afford the offers on the go they are not as always cost effective and other such questions. This is giving the time to abandon the idea all together. Buy One Get One Free allows the consumer to recognise the saving they are making and create the positive emotions that come with the word FREE making the rest of their shopping experience enjoyable.

In larger supermarkets walking up and down the aisle the deals are very clearly displayed at eye level with Clip Strips and customers are drawn to their proposition whether it is 2 for £X, Buy One Get One Free or many other promotions, Jumping out from the shelves using shelf wobblers or neatly hanging in between store offers by Hang Tabs are now everywhere.

Call 0191 2697810 or email to discuss your needs to get the consumers attention and our team of experts will help you out. Or why not take a look at products online

Friday 23 January 2015

Production Improvement on our Injection Moulding line.

POS Tapes produce a number of Plastic injection moulded products for the Point of Sale Market.

Due to high customer demand over the last 2-3 years and a successful exhibition at Euro Shop in Dusseldorf 2014, We have invested heavily into the production of our Corrugated Shelf Clips.

Because of our improved production process this now allows us to produce an higher quantity and quality in our daily and weekly production runs, therefore improving our stock holding. This will allow for next day delivery when needed and improve our service to a demanding market place.

Taking all this into consideration we now offer an even more competitively priced Corrugated Shelf Clip for the Point Of Sale corrugated cardboard, free standing display units manufacturers across the World.

To become distributor for POS Tapes range of adhesives & plastic products across Europe, please contact or call 0191 2697810 for further information.

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Customised Tape

Here at POS Tapes we pride ourselves in all our products and our high quality of customer service. When a customer has a problem we do everything we can including designing and manufacturing new products to solve their display issues.

Recently we were approached by a well-known high street retailer with over 400 store country wide with a problem they needed fixing. They had a specific request for a crystal clear removable product that would be able to stick heavy posters of 500g to the glass windows for their in-store displays for long periods of time and would also be able to withstand all types of weather changes.

Collecting all their requirements the POS team had an internal discussion with our technical and manufacturing team to find a solution. In doing so we decided that we could use our 3257 removable ProLINK and transform this from a Pad of 22mm x 22mm x 0.5mm to rolls of 50mm x 10m as we manufacture those onsite.

By doing so we were able to give our client a product that could accommodate for the weight requirements and was easier to handle in small roll form both for shipping and for their display teams.

However the main reason in choosing the ProLINK 3257 over any other POS Product was the fact it is a removable product. The ProLINK 3257 will remove cleanly from the glass after 4 weeks in the window and it will remove from the poster without damaging, therefore saving them a lot of time and money on reprints.

After our client tested the product for themselves we are proud to say this was a success and will be in-store for the Christmas displays.

This is something that we are more than happy to do for any client here at POS Tapes, Should you require any bespoke adhesive solutions please do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss on or 0191 2697810.

Friday 2 January 2015

Christmas Opening Times

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