Thursday 12 February 2015

Benefits of Buy One Get One Free

Roaming through shops its seems to be the Buy 2 for £X has replaced the Buy One Get One Free offers, even the buy 3 and get the 4th half price is becoming ever more popular. Retailers and supermarkets seem to always have some sort of offer on the go allowing consumers to disregard their brand loyalty for those that are on offer. More often waiting  for when their brand is on offer and bulk buying.

One complication from replacing the Buy One Get One Free is allowing the consumers the time to work out if this is an affordable matter, will they need to replace something in their trolley or basket? Sometimes to afford the offers on the go they are not as always cost effective and other such questions. This is giving the time to abandon the idea all together. Buy One Get One Free allows the consumer to recognise the saving they are making and create the positive emotions that come with the word FREE making the rest of their shopping experience enjoyable.

In larger supermarkets walking up and down the aisle the deals are very clearly displayed at eye level with Clip Strips and customers are drawn to their proposition whether it is 2 for £X, Buy One Get One Free or many other promotions, Jumping out from the shelves using shelf wobblers or neatly hanging in between store offers by Hang Tabs are now everywhere.

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