Wednesday 18 October 2017

Special Offer on Fragile Tape

Special Offer on our Polypropylene Fragile Packaging Tape.

A white background and red print. This high quality low noise tape is ideal for busy packaging departments. Ideal for use with our HEAVY DUTY HAND DISPENSER.

£ 1.00 PER ROLL

Product code: PCONFRAGILE
Size: 48mm x 66m
RPC: 36

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Wednesday 13 September 2017

Gift Wrap Hangers

Our Gift Wrap Hangers are designed to allow the display of cylinder, rounded or bespoke shaped products in-store. Using our Gift Wrap Hangers will provide you with the ability to display and present your product at the critical POS & POP section in-store.

As the APET material we use is clear, using our Wobblers will not affect or cover any of your product or brand when displayed in store. A combination of the high quality APET and Adhesive we use on our Wobbler range will keep your product hanging in the most difficult of retail environments.

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Wednesday 23 August 2017

Snap Rivets - Auto Buttons

Our Clear Polypropylene Snap Rivet (Auto-Button) come in a number of sizes to suit your capacity requirement. The strong clip ensures reliable performance within your application. Our plastic Snap Rivets are mostly used as components for building FSDU and Dump Bins where dual layered cardboard, Foamex or corrugated plastic need to be held in place.

Sizes we offer are 15mm, 19mm and 30mm capacity, All available from stock.

If you are looking to colour match your Snap Rivet with your display we can offer any RAL colour to suit your requirement.

For more information please contact our technical sales team on the details below.
T: 0191 2697810

Wednesday 2 August 2017

Ceiling Buttons and Clips

Our range of plastic injection moulded Ceiling Buttons comes in a circle or oval and with a number or adhesive options to suit your requirement. We offer these in white or clear as standard stock items.

White Circular and White Oval both come with a permanent foam adhesive whereas the Clear Circular Ceiling buttons give an option or Pure Acrylic Adhesive or Polyester Adhesive. All have a high initial tack and are perfect for hanging your Posters, Banners or Signs.

For a Non- Adhesive option we offer the Ceiling Clip where you slide the clips onto the suspended ceiling grid to hang point of sale promotional material from. These are ideal when you want to move your signs around instead of a permanent position.

Our Ceiling Buttons and Clips are available at POS Tapes online in bags of 100 or 1000 and are ideal for use with our Metal Rods. 

For more information please contact or sales team.
T: 0191 2697810

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Free Delivery

All orders placed via POS Tapes and based in the UK receive FREE DELIVERY!!

For orders outside the UK or trade orders please contact our dedicated sales team. 

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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Double Sided Polyester Tapes Range

POS Tapes offers a complete range of Clear Double Sided Polyester Tapes which can be used for a range of different and demanding applications.

Double Sided Polyester Tape - 6002
This is our strongest Double Sided Polyester Tape. Our 6002 has a very thick special solvent acrylic adhesive system which gives it a very high initial tack and will bond paper, card, board, metal, ceramic, plastics, glass and wood. Available as 50 metre rolls in 6 different widths.

Ultra Clear Polyester Tape - 6001
This is our best-selling Double Sided Polyester Tape. Our 6001 has a high tack special solvent acrylic adhesive system which will bond most substrates including paper, card, board, metal, ceramic, plastics, glass and wood. Our 6001 is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications making it perfect for the sign and display industries. Available in 4 widths in 50 metre length rolls.

High/Low Tack Polyester Tape - 6440
Our 6440 is a unique Double Sided Polyester Tape, it is optically clear in colour and is coated with a high tack permanent adhesive on the open side and a peel-able adhesive on the closed side. This makes our Perm/Peel Double Sided Polyester Tape perfect for all temporary POS displays such as posters in store and window displays. Available as 50 metre rolls in 5 different widths.

TESA - 4965
This premium grade Double Sided Transparent Polyester Tape has a red filmic release liner and is coated with a UV resistant acrylic adhesive, suitable for most demanding applications. It will bond to metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, paper, board and card. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This Double Sided Tape is thicker than most polyester tape so it's great for uneven surfaces. Our 50 metre rolls of Tesa Tape come in a choice of 7 widths.

For any further product information, please contact our POS sales team.

T: 0191 2697810

Thursday 11 May 2017

POS Tapes - Hook and Loop Range

Self Adhesive Hook and Loop products at POS Tapes provide the perfect temporary fix for a wide range of in store displays. Hook and Loop technology allows items to be secured in seconds, easily accessible or interchanged when required.

POS Tapes offers Self Adhesive Hook or Loop Tape in rolls of 25 metres, in widths of 20mm and 25mm and in either black or white.

We also stock rolls of Self Adhesive Hook or Loop Coins. With 1550 on each roll, these 12.5mm diameter discs also come in a choice of black or white.

For further product information, please contact our POS Tapes sales team.

T: 0191 2697810