Thursday, 16 February 2017

POS Tapes at Euroshop 2017

POS Tapes will be exhibiting the exciting EuroShop 2017 trade show, the World's Number 1 Retail Trade Fayre.

EuroShop 2017

Dusseldorf, Germany
5th - 9th March 2017

Stand Hall 3 / C36

Our dedicated team will be on hand to help with any enquiries you may have. Come along and visit our stand and see what POS Tapes can do for you.

Please visit EuroShop for further information about the trade show.

For further information about POS products, please contact our specialist sales team.

T: 0191 2697810

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Double Sided Poster Pads

POS Tapes offers a range of Double Sided Poster Pads which give effortless application onto your products with the ability to be applied to a number of surfaces.

Giving an excellent cosmetic look without the need for hammer and nails, our wide range of Double Sided Poster Pads offers removable, reusable and high performance permanent pads for many different applications.

  • Clear Permanent Poster Pads are perfect for applications when you require an instant, long term bond both indoor and outdoor. They come in sheet format with 20 pads per sheet.
  • Removable Clear Pads leave no adhesive residue and are ideal for lightweight signs, posters, point of sale displays. Great for any temporary application where clean removal is very important. 
  • Perm/Peel Foam Pads are a unique product which features a removable adhesive on the closed side and a permanent one on the open side. Ideal for when clean peel is required on a specific surface.
  • FoamLink Double Sided Foam Pad Sheet is a high grade, double sided foam poster pad which provides a permanent bond with its modified acrylic adhesive system. This is ideal for a wide range of surfaces from Foamex to glass and for indoor and outdoor use. Available in white and black.

For more information or a product sample, please contact our POS sales team.

T: 0191 2697810

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

POS Shelf Wobblers

Shelf Wobblers are a great way to increase visibility of your in-store promotional information on front of shelf displays. POS Tapes offers an extensive range of Wobblers to suit your display and point of sale requirements.

Available with the option of foam adhesive or tape, Wobblers come in a choice of different sizes. Our 15015R Wobbler has a removable adhesive system which is ideal for short term display promotions.

For more product information or a sample, please contact our dedicated Sales Team.

T: 0191 2697810

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Opening Times

Please note our Christmas and New Year opening times for POS Tapes.

If you are unsure how this will affect you please contact our sales team

T: 0191 2697810

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2017.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Double Sided Tissue Tape

Our best-selling Double Sided Tissue Tapes are produced with a flexible non-woven tissue carrier coated with a range of different types of adhesives. They are specified for various time critical applications as they are hand tearable, taking away the need for scissors.

POS Tapes manufactures several different adhesive grades, each one offering a solution for a range of different applications;

Flushedge 1001 - For permanent indoor use only. This is an economy grade general purpose Flushedge Double Sided Tape with a very aggressive hot melt rubber adhesive system. It is hand tearable and has a thinner release liner that is why it is an economy grade product. Great for mounting paper, card, plastic and flexible films.

Fingerlifted 1002 - For permanent indoor use only.  A very aggressive Fingerlifted Tissue Tape with an ease of application. It has a hot melt rubber adhesive system and is hand tearable. Ideal to use for mounting paper, card, plastic and flexible films.

Tissue Tape 7001 - For permanent indoor use only. With solvent acrylic and a temperature range of -30°C to +160°C, the 7001 is a very good general purpose all round Double Sided Tissue Tape. Bonds to paper, board, plastic and fabric and is hand tearable.

Tissue Tape 7001 FL - Our 7001 has been manufactured specifically for difficult to adhere to surfaces such as plastic, laminated card and mount board. Great for sticking double or triple mounts. Our Fingerlifted 7001 Tape has the same super performance and an added fingerlift liner to help speed up production.

Nitto 500 - For both indoor and outdoor use. With solvent acrylic and a temperature range of-30°C to +120°C, Nitto 500 Tape has tremendous initial adhesion to most substrates. Good plasticizer resistance. It bonds to metal, ceramic, glass, paper, board, plastic and fabric and is also hand tearable.

Contact our POS sales team for more information about our Double Sided Tissue Tapes:

T: 0191 2697810

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

POS Tapes Magnetic Range

The Magnetic Range at POS Tapes includes Self Adhesive Magnets and rolls of Adhesive Magnetic Tape.

Our Self Adhesive Magnets are available in packets of 1,000 in either circle or square format. They are foam backed and ready for immediate application. These are incredibly useful for all kinds of indoor displays.

Our range of Magnetic Tapes are 30 metre rolls and available with a choice of adhesive dependent on your application:
  • Premium Tape -  Ideal for Pop-Up display use 
  • Standard Adhesive -  For indoor use only
  • Foam Tape -  For both indoor or outdoor use
For more product information or samples please contact our sales team.

T: 0191 2697810

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Ultra Clear Self Adhesive Discs

These single sided Clear Adhesive Discs are ideal to seal and secure CD packaging, POS products and many more promotional materials.

This product is available in roll format, 2000 per roll, with a variety of sizes and perforation optional on some. The Self Adhesive Discs come in permanent or removable with a peelable adhesive system.

Mainly used for sealing bags or closing boxes.

For more information, please contact our dedicated sales team.

T: 0191 2697810