Tuesday 19 May 2015

Custom Link 3493

Custom Link 3493

POS Tapes has launched an innovative Signs and Display Tape called the Custom Link 3493 double sided tape. This is designed for demanding outdoor applications where an instant bond is essential. This innovative product utilises a solvent free, pure acrylic, adhesive system that provides excellent quick stick properties. The Custom Link 3493 also provides an excellent bond strength that ensures the signs mounts securely, and permanently, to; glass, metal, powder coated surfaces and more.

Our Custom link 3493 is our best double sided high performance sign tape available. This offers all of our sign makers the peace of mind for all applications.

“Static Shear”, “Dynamic Shear”, “180deg Peel” or “Dynamic z-tensile”.

Not sure what this means, please see our diagram below....

Contact our dedicated sales team on 0191 2697810 or sales@postapes.co.uk to start using the Custom Link 3493 on your signs.

Thursday 14 May 2015

Coming Soon, POS Tapes NEW Hang Tab & Wobbler Sample Pack “edition 4”

POS Tapes offer an extensive range of Hang Tabs & Shelf Wobblers, every product we offer is manufacturer by us. Over the last 15 years we have developed and expanded our range and now offer one of the UK & Europe’s largest range of Hang Tabs & Shelf Wobblers.

Our NEW Hang Tab & Wobbler Sample Pack “Edition 4” will provide you with a sample of each Hang Tab & Wobbler for your evaluation, along with a detailed A5 product brochure.

For further information on our Hang Tab & Wobbler range or be put on the waiting list for the “Edition 4” sample pack, please contact 0191 2697810 or email sales@postapes.co.uk