Wednesday 2 August 2017

Ceiling Buttons and Clips

Our range of plastic injection moulded Ceiling Buttons comes in a circle or oval and with a number or adhesive options to suit your requirement. We offer these in white or clear as standard stock items.

White Circular and White Oval both come with a permanent foam adhesive whereas the Clear Circular Ceiling buttons give an option or Pure Acrylic Adhesive or Polyester Adhesive. All have a high initial tack and are perfect for hanging your Posters, Banners or Signs.

For a Non- Adhesive option we offer the Ceiling Clip where you slide the clips onto the suspended ceiling grid to hang point of sale promotional material from. These are ideal when you want to move your signs around instead of a permanent position.

Our Ceiling Buttons and Clips are available at POS Tapes online in bags of 100 or 1000 and are ideal for use with our Metal Rods. 

For more information please contact or sales team.
T: 0191 2697810

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