Monday 16 June 2014

POS Tapes Wobblers

POS Tapes shelf wobblers are an ideal way of promoting products at eye level Point of Sale while also at the Point of Purchase. They are an excellent tool to help increase the sale of your products.

Shelf wobblers, like our range of wobbler here are an integral part of every and any store. They are designed to help advertisement of products while providing that POP and eye catching display by bringing attention to your product at the point of purchase where 80% of buying decisions are made.

We have many POS wobblers in stock including T shaped and round ended wobblers and many more.
Wobblers are available in a range of shapes and sizes and will make your items stand out in the crowd.

POS Tapes wobblers are environmentally friendly and made from recycled APET plastic.They are simple to use and an effective display systems and shelf edge advertising.

For more information please contact the POS Tapes Team on 0191 2697810
or visit our website here.

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